About us

PSRPC is an online roleplaying community, founded in June 2017, that focuses on policing crime in Scotland through playing Grand Theft Auto V for PC. We use a variety of different vehicle and script modifications which shake up the game. But we're not just about policing - you can play as a controller, a pilot with the National Police Air Service (NPAS), or even a criminal! Most of these roles are focused around the police, but they're fun enough to play on their own.

What makes us different

We are the only Police Scotland GTA V Community to use the vehicles that the real Police Service of Scotland uses. We don't set straying from realism as our goal - on the contrary, we aim to make our games as realistic as possible, with advice and feedback from those serving in the real emergency services. We have an exclusive member guide which introduces you to all the new features of our community, so you won't be left out!

Our modification packs feature vehicles and equipment of the finest quality available, fitting in with our games which are the most immersive and realistic out there. But anyone could say that they're the best, couldn't they? Don’t trust us on it, try for yourself apply today!

Contact US

To contact a member of staff please email [email protected] and a member of staff will get back to you as soon as possible


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